Day #2: Your Surgery

Hopefully you’ve had a decent night’s sleep by the time you get here. It’s not always possible. The laminaria expansion that occurred overnight may have caused you pain or restlessness. It’s okay to take a pain medication or a sedative (if you’ve been prescribed one).

Here are some general guidelines and expectations for you day of surgery.

  1. Take your morning medications.  Don’t skip blood pressure medications unless specifically told by us.  We will review all of your medications and answer all of your questions regarding which medications to take and which you can skip.
  2. Try to wear loose fitting clothes.  Pajamas and sweat-pants are fine—anything that you can easily get off and back on again.  
  3. Try to arrive with a full bladder—if possible.  I know it’s mentioned above, but worth remembering.
  4. Please remember that whomever is accompanying you will be asked to stay for the duration of your procedure and your postoperative course.  They should expect to spend about 3 hours here.
  5. After you change you can expect to have an intravenous line started along with typical monitoring equipment (such as EKG leads).
  6. You will receive carefully administered intravenous sedation.
  7. Your procedure will typically take about 30-45 minutes to complete.
  8. When you awaken you will be joined by whomever you selected to accompany you.
  9. You will be carefully monitored following your procedure.
  10. Pain is very variable in the immediate postoperative period.  Most women experience uncomfortable cramps which are treated as necessary.  We will not allow you to have severe pain.
  11. In most cases you will have bright red postoperative bleeding.  This is not your “period.”  This bleeding is the result of removing your endometrium from the underlying muscle.
  12. When you’re ready for discharge you will be accompanied by our staff to your car.
  13. You should expect to spend the next 3-5 hours resting at home or in your hotel room.*
  14. You may also experience some increase in bleeding as you get out of bed for the first time.  This is normal and should quickly subside.
  15. You will probably regain your appetite later in the afternoon.
  16. Start out with a light meal and avoid alcohol.
  17. You should have only minimal discomfort by the end of the day.
  18. Do not use tampons during the day of surgery.

Please call us if you experience any of the following

  1. A feeling of “chills”.
  2. Temp over 100 degrees F.
  3. Bleeding which requires a pad change more often than once an hour after you wake up.

If you don’t feel “right” please just pick up the phone and call. We would always rather you call than not call!