What to Expect for Out of Town Patients

Although we operate 3 days a week—Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays—most women coming from out of town prefer to travel to our office during the weekend and are typically seen for their initial consultation on Monday mornings. There are many exceptions to this, however. Our goal is to work with your schedule.

This article will summarize the method we use to treat nearly all endometrial ablation failures.  As I’ve pointed out in other articles on this website there are basically 3 types of late-onset endometrial ablation failures:

  • Persistent or recurrent bleeding following an endometrial ablation (EA)
  • Cyclic pelvic pain – or in some cases continuous pelvic pain
  • The inability to assess the uterine lining –such as the use of hysteroscopy or endometrial biopsy—should the need arise.

Day 1—Consultation and Laminaria placement

Day 2–Your Surgery

Day 3– Your First Post-Op Day

Postoperative Instructions