What’s Next

Here are some suggestions if you are have experienced an endometrial ablation failure and you’d like to learn more.

  1. Click here to read peer-reviewed articles by Dr. Wortman. These articles cover a wide range of publications by Dr. Wortman but focus on the ones that include Reoperative Hysteroscopic Surgery for Endometrial Ablation Failures and Late-Onset Endometrial Ablation Failures.
  2. Read through the remainder of this entire section.
  3. Go to one of the many on-line Patient Review websites such as www.healthgrades.com or www.vitals.com. This will give you an opportunity to see how other patients judge us. You can find additional information under our Facebook Page and under our Blogs.
  4. If you’re still interested and live within a 2-3 hour driving radius of our office consider making a consultation appointment. These generally are 1-hour appointments. Prior to these appointments we request that you fill out a Patient Information Form and email it to contact@cmdrc.com.
  5. In addition, please provide us with the following:A copy of your most recent ultrasound examination report—we don’t require the actual ultrasound images.
  • A copy of your operative report or some documentation of the date of your procedure and the type of endometrial ablation procedure you had. If an operative report is available please have that copied for our records.
  • A copy of any pathology report such as an endometrial biopsy that may have been performed prior to or since your endometrial ablation.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t locate all of this information. We can assist you in retrieving it.

Finally, if you’re interested in arranging a consultation call our office and schedule one. If you live more than 2-3 hours away from our office please contact Ms. Marcia Weston or Ms. Christina Cinanni and they will help arrange for a 20-30 phone interview with me.

After we review your information and conduct a preliminary interview we’ll be able to decide whether or not this is an option worth pursuing for you.