Amy Daggett, RN, ANP

Amy Daggett has been a dedicated and innovative member of our staff since 1986. After graduating from the MCC Nursing Program with Honor (1990) she conducted original research on the minimally invasive management of abnormal uterine bleeding. She and Dr. Wortman have published numerous scientific papers together and taught many physicians around the country the art and science of hysteroscopic surgery.

Amy Daggett received her Bachelor of Science Degree (suma cum laude 2004) and Master’s Degree in Nursing (2006) from the University of Rochester. Ms. Daggett is licensed Adult Nurse Practitioner and brings decades of experience to our practice. She shares Dr. Wortman’s enthusiasm for providing the highest quality women’s health care in the region.

In the late 1980’s, Ms. Daggett assisted Dr. Wortman in pioneering minimally invasive alternatives to hysterectomy. She continues to actively promote hysteroscopic technology, including a new advancement that allows for office-based hysteroscopic sterilization.

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