Warmest Regards from Colorado – A Letter

We received the following letter and wanted to share it with our readers.

5-star-review-linkHi Dr. Wortman,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!  The answers you provided make a lot sense to me and I ‘m glad to know that you agree that it is reasonable to start with the polyp removal and then see how things go.

When I called your office a couple of days ago, I had already tried several other offices just wanting an answer to the question about the suction morcellators and if was standard procedure in the removal polyps.  Every other office (called 3) wouldn’t talk to me–wouldn’t even have a nurse call me back.  They wanted me to send over my file including lab work, ultrasound pictures etc. and make an appointment to come and meet with them.  Fine except I really just wanted to know if their office used the morcellator or something else to remove polyps.  I asked the same question to the very nice lady who answers your phone and she told me to hold for a moment, then you got on the line!  Wow! I feel so lucky and blessed to have found you!  I can’t thank you enough for being such a decent human being and so generous with your time and talents!

I read all the articles posted on your website.  What fun!  I love the clarity of your writing and how diverse the subject matter was.  Some articles dealing with health and some more philosophical and practical in nature.  The “nine words women use” and the “one period” video (had to google that one) gave me a good and much needed belly laugh.  Thanks for that!  The December post on “Abortion wars” made want say, “Geez, here’s a person with a lot of common sense, why can’t he run for president!”  I agreed with everything you had to say there!!  The article on “How to manage your life” I’ll be sharing with my kids and the the “Stand by Me” video–well, that one made me cry.  I will be checking future posts with great interest.

I will let you know how things turn out with the D & C and polypectomy.  If anything looks funny or I start having weird symptoms again, I will definitely be reaching out to you and would be so happy to pay for your expertise! 

With Warmest Regards,

Leslie S – Louisville, Colorado