Abortion Wars

abortion debateThe recent shootings at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood remind me of an era that began over 20 years ago. Between 1993 and 1998 a series of assassinations were leveled at abortion providers and office staff in Pensacola, Florida, Brookline, Massachusetts, Birmingham, Alabama and Buffalo, New York. I suspect that the violence of that era is about to make a resurgence.

The issue is larger than one of abortion—it is a societal issue in which we have become less and less tolerant of one another.

The intolerance covers the entire political spectrum from far right wing conservatives to left wing progressives. Whether the issue is abortion, gun control, LGBT rights, taxes, immigration, climate change or the management of Syrian refugees… we have become a country of individuals consumed with the know-it-all-sounds of our own voices. Simply put we are far more concerned with “our” own freedom of speech and expression than “yours.”

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