Mechanical Contraception (Birth Control in 2015: Making the Right Choice: Part 2)

There are two types of spontaneous mechanical contraception available today that do not contain any type of hormone.  The first is the Paragard IUD which is embedded with copper and is approved by the FDA for up to 10 years of use.  The second—the Essure® device—is a permanent plug that can be placed into the openings of the fallopian tube.  The technique for inserting it is called hysteroscopic tubal occlusions (HTO).

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Birth Control in 2015: Making the Right Choice

With permission from Brenda Washington

Most women in the Rochester area (and United States for that matter!) will end up having 2 children but will spend most of their reproductive lives—about 35 years—trying to avoid an unintended pregnancy. Unfortunately, about half of all pregnancies today are unintended and affect mostly younger women—teenagers and twenty-somethings.

For some women, it seems like there’s no “perfect” contraceptive yet there have never been as many high quality methods available as there are today.  This series of articles will review today’s available methods and may provide some insight about how you can make a good choice for yourself.  We will also share not just the science, but our personal experience in proving these methods of birth control (contraception) over the past few decades.

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