Post-Menopausal Bleeding – What!

I though I was done with all that!

blog-imageI get it. You stopped having periods and bleeding a couple of years ago and now you experience some spotting or “staining”. You’re not sure whether to call. “Maybe it’s nothing,” you tell yourself. “Maybe it’s cancer!”

Stop trying to figure it out by yourself!

The truth is that post-menopausal bleeding (PMB) is fairly common and affects one in twenty women following their menopause. The vast majority of these women do not have cancer. Often the bleeding comes from a polyp or fibroid and occasionally it comes from another conditions such as endometrial atrophy. But please don’t try and figure this out by yourself – and don’t let months and months go by before you notify your health care provider.

There are several important issues to address with PMB – the most important one being to be certain you don’t have endometrial (uterine) cancer or one of the pre-cancerous changes that can sometimes occur. After the cause of the PMB has been identified you can be offered an appropriate and (hopefully) minimally invasive treatment option.

If you suffer from post-menopausal bleeding learn more our website and schedule an appointment.

Heavy Periods & Why You Don’t Need To Put Up With Them

First—it’s important to start out by stating that not all women with heavy periods need to be “treated”.  As someone who has specialized in treating women with painful or heavy periods in Rochester for the past few decades, I’m often amazed at how far some women will “let it go” before seeking treatment.

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