Why Are We The Only Ones?

Why are we the only ones performing Ultrasound Guided Reoperative Hysteroscopy Surgery (UGRHS) for endometrial ablation failure?

So why are you the only one? It’s a question I often get asked from women across the country and abroad.

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HYSTEROSCOPY – What is it?

Women know of many gynecologic procedures. Many women have heard of terms such as colposcopy, endometrial biopsy, hysterectomy, tubal ligation and others. But most are not familiar with the term “hysteroscopy.” In this brief section we’ll attempt to explain hysteroscopy and how it can benefit women who might be dealing with such issues as abnormal menstrual bleeding, uterine (endometrial) polyps or certain types of fibroids. Hysteroscopy is also often used in the diagnosis of infertility.

Hysteroscopy—sometimes referred to as “Diagnostic Hysteroscopy” and is a test in which a thin “lit” telescope is placed inside the uterus to look within the uterine cavity. The information that is provided by hysteroscopy is enormous.

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Setting An Example For A Healthy Lifestyle

Our Nurse Practitioner Amy Daggett “weighs in”

My relationship with food is a double edged sword. Although I find comfort in creating delicious entrees and desserts, I lacked the will power needed to make healthy food choices. We live in a society where foods with low nutritional values are inexpensive and readily available whereas healthier choices are costly and require preparation. After years of losing this battle, at age 53 I found myself obese and depressed.

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Been Told That You Need An Endometrial Biopsy?

Here are some things to consider

An endometrial biopsy (EB) is often done on women who are undergoing evaluation of abnormal periods or for an infertility issue.

An EB involves the passage of a small instrument into the cervix at which point the lining is randomly scraped and the specimen which is obtained is submitted to lab for analysis. The endometrial biopsy is a screening test for abnormalities such as endometrial hyperplasia (a pre-cancerous condition of the uterus) and endometrial cancer.

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One woman’s experience with endometrial ablation failure

I took a call yesterday from a woman in the southern tier. We get 2-3 of these calls in a typical week from all over the United States. Fortunately this woman lived only a few hours away—for the sake of this article we’ll call her “Bonnie”. I’m writing about her because her’s is a classic case of “late-onset-endometrial ablation failure (LOEAF)”.

Her endometrial ablation was performed 10 year ago with one of the commonly used ablation devices. She did well for nearly 10 years—which is great. Now, at age 39, she reports that beginning in the fall of 2016 she began experiencing a slight bout of abdominal pain.

By December her pain was intense Continue reading “One woman’s experience with endometrial ablation failure”