New Articles & Publications on Surgery Procedures

Well I can’t claim to have written the book on minimally invasive surgery but I have contributed many chapters over the years.

Yesterday I was happy to receive a copy of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery edited by a fine colleague of mine, Dr. Jon Einarsson, at Harvard Medical School.  My own particular expertise is in hysteroscopy and hysteroscopic surgery.  In this chapter I try and outline the latest in modern equipment used for these important techniques.  Our hope at the Center for Menstrual Disorders is to educate the next generation of physicians in these important techniques—many of which were pioneered at our office.

Also, yesterday, our article entitled “See-and-Treat” Hysteroscopy in the Management of Endometrial Polyps” was published. I have written about this subject on our website.  Many women suffer from endometrial polyps which can cause irregular menstrual bleeding, bleeding after intercourse and even post-menopausal bleeding.  “See-and-Treat” Hysteroscopy is an efficient way to diagnose and manage these polyps in a single step.

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