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“I don’t think any female would dread going to the obgyn if all the doctors were like Dr Wortman. He is a gem. I felt comfortable and confident with him from the beginning. He spent a good deal of one on one time with me to make sure I understood my procedure. Very knowledgeable doctor. I highly recommend him.” VITALS.com review 02/14/2018

— February 14, 2018

From my first phone call to my appointment after surgery I was extremely pleased with all the staff I came in contact with. They all made me feel like family and they knew I was very nervous and put me right at ease. Which is not easy to do. I never really had to asked questions because they were very thorough explaining everything to me through this whole process. Thank you so much Dr. Wortman and staff for everything you have done for me. www.VIATLS.com

— Vitals June 2017

Dr. Wortman is an amazing person and knowledgeable doctor! For over three years, I had been told by other doctors that my cyclic pain after Endometrial Ablation was rare and untreatable. In one simple email inquiry to the Center, they acknowledged that I was aware of what was going on with my body without fully understanding it. Dr. Wortman took the time to explain everything without being arrogant or condescending. I have never had a doctor be so patient or informative. His staff are all warm, supportive and kind. Dr. Wortman and Amy Daggett changed my life with their EMR procedure! I just wish I hadn’t waited years to find them! From now on, I will be making the two and a half hour trip to receive the excellent care provided by Dr. Morris Wortman!

— Vitals.com June 2017

After dealing with extremely heavy periods for over 10 years, I was fortunate to find Dr. Wortman. The only option given to me by my previous practice was a hysterectomy, which I really didn’t want. Dr. Wortman performed his very own EMR, which included removing two large fibroids. Before surgery, I couldn’t make plans to go places during my period. The bleeding was so heavy and so unpredictable, I didn’t dare take the chance of having an embarrassing accident. After Dr. Wortman’s procedure, I still have regular menstrual cycles, but the bleeding is completely manageable. This last month, I went to the Jazz Festival on the second day of my period. I couldn’t have even considered going before surgery. I feel like I have my life back. Dr. Wortman and his team are so warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. I am switching to his practice for all future appointments and needs. If you are considering seeing Dr. Wortman, just make an appointment for a consultation. You will be so glad you did! VITALS.com July 2017

— I can lead a normal life again!

After 8 months of suffering I was introduced to this amazing office. Dr. Wortman knew what my problem was and how he could fix it. I am a new woman since my procedure. Everyone in the office is so friendly and caring and genuinely cares about your well being.  August 2017

— Wonderful Experience VITALS.com review

Two years ago I began experiencing significant gynecological issues. I worked with my practitioner and tried everything to remedy the issue short of a full hysterectomy. After a failed endometrial ablation my issues intensified rendering me to live in excruciating pain daily and nearly unable to function in any area of my life – home, as mom, wife and at work. I began searching for options and discovered Dr. Wortman/his practice in Rochester, NY. As I read the page it was as if it was written to describe my experience. I am always a bit leary of what I read and this sounded too good to be true. So, I called his office and spoke with Rebecca and was immediately met with compassion, understanding and genuine interest in learning about me, my situation and how they – Dr. Wortman, may be able to help. After much discussion personally with Dr. Wortman and members of his team, it was determined that I was a candidate for the reoperative procedure. The only option offered to me by my local practitioner (Atlanta GA area) was a full hysterectomy. This was just not what I felt I needed at this point. My husband and I traveled to Rochester, NY the first week of Dec. 2017 to have the procedure. By the time we arrived we had talked with Dr. Wortman and Rebecca and others so much that it was like we were visiting family. This is THE MOST AMAZING and caring group of people I/we have encountered – you are not just a patient to them. Dr. Wortman took time before procedures began to sit with us and explain every detail, review all information provided and to make sure that any/all questions were answered. Dr. Wortman was there every step of the way and was available throughout. The regard that he has for his patients is amazing – your well-being is his priority and there is absolutely no question about this. I had my hysteroscopic surgery on 12/7/17 and by that evening I felt better (wow!!). We traveled home the next afternoon and I feel better than I have in years. Dr. Wortman and his team remained in touch after we returned home and continues to monitor my recovery in coordination with my local practitioner. Dr. Wortman is thorough, takes great pride in his profession and is committed to improving your health – If only there could be more practitioners like him. If you are reading this and wondering if pursuing this option is something you should consider – call them and talk with them. If you (like I have) wonder if someone else writes these reviews and posts them please contact the Center for Menstrual Disorders and Reproductive Choice and tell them that you would like to speak with me – I will be happy to do so at any time. I would not wish my two + year experience on anyone and wish you only the very best. Dr. Wortman gave me my life back – I/my family are forever grateful!!

— Anonymous

On our seven hour drive home last weekend from NY to NH, my husband and I both cried tears of joy, happiness, relief and gratitude. We were going home, back to our life as it had been nine months before, back to “normal”, thanks to Dr. Wortman and his wonderful team! We are forever grateful!  2018 Facebook Review

— Facebook Review 2018

My personal experience with Dr. Wortman over the past 10 plus years has been one that has built a long standing trust and respect for his practice. He and his staff are professional, friendly and always work with the best interest of their patients in mind.

— Dronda F.