Father’s Day – My Dad and his Legacy

I wrote this for Father’s Day 2010—but I think you’ll still find it relevant!

Happy Father’s Day

More than any person in my life—what I stand for, what I believe in and what I hope to pass on–has been shaped by my father.

Last month I wrote about my mom, one of the most compassionate, kind and hard-working and devoted women I’ve ever known. Today, with Father’s Day fast approaching, I hope you’ll indulge me as I write about my dad—a man for whom my love and admiration still grows–and the importance of fatherhood.

I do not write as an authority on fatherhood. Instead I write as someone who’s had a privileged childhood—not one of material wealth but a childhood filled with challenges guided by the most trustworthy parents a boy could have.

I can speak with authority about two things—the legacy of my dad and what I’ve observed about the current state of fathers in our culture.

My Father and his Legacy

My dad, Israel, was born over a century ago in Opatów, Poland on September 6, 1908. Opatów or “Apt” was settled in the 15h century as a small commercial town in southern Poland. Like many Polish towns of the early 20th century it had a rich rabbinic history and more than its share of poverty. Continue reading “Father’s Day – My Dad and his Legacy”

New Articles & Publications on Surgery Procedures

Well I can’t claim to have written the book on minimally invasive surgery but I have contributed many chapters over the years.

Yesterday I was happy to receive a copy of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery edited by a fine colleague of mine, Dr. Jon Einarsson, at Harvard Medical School.  My own particular expertise is in hysteroscopy and hysteroscopic surgery.  In this chapter I try and outline the latest in modern equipment used for these important techniques.  Our hope at the Center for Menstrual Disorders is to educate the next generation of physicians in these important techniques—many of which were pioneered at our office.

Also, yesterday, our article entitled “See-and-Treat” Hysteroscopy in the Management of Endometrial Polyps” was published. I have written about this subject on our website.  Many women suffer from endometrial polyps which can cause irregular menstrual bleeding, bleeding after intercourse and even post-menopausal bleeding.  “See-and-Treat” Hysteroscopy is an efficient way to diagnose and manage these polyps in a single step.

See the entire list of our Articles & Publications

Office-Based Surgery and How It Came To Be

My Journey with Amy Daggett, RN, ANP

Recently I was asked to write an article about office-based surgery for a leading medical journal.

FBThe process of writing caused me to reflect on 30 years in practice and how I was inspired by a wonderful mentor in Syracuse, New York that I happened to hear about during my intern year; Dr. A. Jefferson Penfield. Even in 1973 Dr. Penfield was doing what many would consider “cutting edge” today – laparoscopies in his office. He was a gentle man with a soothing and reassuring voice and reminded me of my own family doctor when I was a young boy.

Fast forward to October 1, 1986 when I opened the doors to my private office on White Spruce Boulevard. In those days I had a full time office manager, Debbie—she did the billing, cleaned and sterilized instruments answered the phone, made appointments and balanced the books. We had a part time nurse and that was it! Our office had 1000 square feet, but it was mine and my home away from home. I did the vacuuming after hours, dusted and polished furniture. I was 35 years old with a healthy combination of fear, energy and common sense.

Two months later, Continue reading “Office-Based Surgery and How It Came To Be”