How to Manage Your Life

From time to time I’ll try to share with you some lessons I’ve learned—the hard way. Like all of you I’ve had my own struggles in life—who hasn’t? There is no substitute for experience but sometimes you don’t have to make all the mistakes to learn from them. We’re better off if we can learn from other people’s mistakes.

I’ve been a pilot for almost 30 years and I try to read as many accident reports as possible. I’d rather learn what got someone else into an accident that get into one myself. This is a good example of profiting from the errors of others.

In this issue I would like to address a common mistake me make—repeating our mistakes with the naïve hope that we’ll get a different outcome.

Today’s Lesson: “If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten!” – Anthony Robbins

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